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Splitting Image utilise the latest technology from the Epson digital proofing range with colourfast inks guaranteed to maintain colour integrity and not fade for 100 years.

Each of our Epson inkjets are regularly colour profiled for accuracy, and have their own ICC colour profile curve managing their colour output. These ICC profiles are created in-house utilizing our own colour spectrometer.

Our semi-gloss stock gives the most accurate result for colour, and is ideal for proofs requiring colour accurate reproduction.

Digital proofs can be up to 1000 mm x 2000 mm (Availability of these large sizes depends on job bookings/schedules).

Xerox A3 proofing is available as an economical alternative to full colour accurate proofing.

We also offer positive conventional film proofing (Chromalin) up to 680 mm x 1000 mm in size. This process allows for the use of spot colours which are mixed to match on request.

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