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We have listed some of our most frequently asked questions below. Maybe you will find a solution or explanation here.

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We have listed some of our most asked questions here, so maybe you will find a solution here.

Q. What workflow do you use?
A. We use two workflows: Prinergy and Delta Technology.

Q. Do you use a PDF workflow?
A. Yes, Prinergy is a PDF based workflow.

Q. Can I supply my own PDFs?
A. Possibly. We generally prefer to generate our own PDF files from your native file so we can ensure they are generated correctly and we can alter files when necessary.

Q. What is OPI?
A. It stands for Open Prepress Interface, and is a process of utilizing both low and high-res files for the one image.

Q. Do I have to supply my fonts with the files?
A. Definitely! However, we must assume that you own the legal license to use the font, and after your job has been run your copy of the font is deleted.

Q. Do I need to trap my files?
A. Of course not. We have specialty software to take care of this for you. Our trapping software is object based, not just colour based.

Q. Will the colour proof match the final print?
A. Yes. We use ICC profiles to calibrate our digital proofers, imagesetter and ctp plates. All of these are checked regularly to ensure a consistent output within a given tolerance. So if your printer runs the print job correctly, your proof will look as close as possible to the print run making allowances for stock, ink densities etc.

Q. I think I have a virus - what should I do?
A. Don't send it to us! Seriously, purchase an anti-virus software to disinfect your system.

Q. Is my job done yet?
A. This would be the most frequently asked question. Well, calling our production staff will answer this, but we are developing our own web-based interface to allow clients to log in through our web-site and check the progress of their job.

Q. Can you manage my digital information?
A. Yes. We have installed a digital asset management system (DAM) which has secure areas, and this is accessed via our web-site which you can view with your normal web browser.

Q. Can you produce "soft proofs"?
A. Yes, we have developed our own process of soft-proofing for both imposed flats or single pages. These are ideal for jobs which are not colour dependent, or jobs which have already been run to colour proof and approved with a minor text alter.

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