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Services available to Photographers

Whether shooting on a digital format camera or traditional film, the client will require the image to be delivered as digital information at some point in the production process. This information must be colour adjusted to suit the specific final output process.

We know in the past some photographers have attempted to do this independently often trying to adjust the colour to suit their own internal monitor/printer. This will undoubtedly lead to your images not matching the specific output format. Eg. The image may look good on your screen but your screen may look nothing like the final proof. Your image does not output as you intended it to, causing disappointment to yourself and your client.

With the major transition to digital image capture this problem has been exasperated.

Splitting Image has the infrastructure and systems in place to handle colour profiling of your images to the specific output devices.

Splitting Image can now act as a hub for images to pass from photographer to client.

We have been working closely with publishers and other clients requiring photographic services, to create a system that benefits photographer and client. The central part of this operation is the online Data Asset Management System (DAMS).

For further information please contact Warren Smith