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Welcome to the Splitting Image Colour Studio


Splitting Image is one of Australia’s most technologically advanced digital
Pre-Press companies, servicing Publishers, Graphic Designers, Photographers and Printers.

This web site is both a technical resource aid and a customised data asset management system for regular clients. Technology is constantly changing and we are proud to say that we keep up with the latest advances and introduce them into our workflows to accommodate our clients needs.


Splitting Image creates customised solutions for the following market segments:


High quality colour reproduction and complete flexibility of output anywhere in the world. We can now provide you with a customised internal asset library.
From 100 to an unlimited number of assets.
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Graphic Designers

Bridging the gap between the technical and creative worlds. Providing a resource for a constantly changing environment.
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Colour accurate profiled proofs and a full CTP service customised to your specific requirements.
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Splitting Image can give your clients accessibility to your digital images with full search capabilities through any internet browser. Images can be colour managed to suit final output(s).
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Anti-Bribery Policy

Splitting Image has adopted an 'Anti-Bribery Policy' — see what this relates to.
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